Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to psychometric tests

    1. Introduction to Watson Glaser tests

    2. General tips for passing Watson Glaser tests

    3. Section 1: Inferences

    4. EXAMPLE Q&As: Inferences

    5. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Inferences

    6. Section 2: Assumptions

    7. EXAMPLE Q&As: Assumptions

    8. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Assumptions

    9. Section 3: Deduction

    10. EXAMPLE Q&As: Deduction

    11. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Deduction

    12. Section 4: Interpretation

    13. EXAMPLE Q&As: Interpretation

    14. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Interpretation

    15. Section 5: Arguments

    16. EXAMPLE Q&As: Arguments

    17. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Arguments

    18. Preparing for Watson Glaser critical thinking tests

    1. Introduction to verbal reasoning tests

    2. General tips for passing verbal reasoning tests

    3. EXAMPLE Q&As: Passage 1

    4. EXAMPLE Q&As: Passage 2



    7. Preparing for verbal reasoning tests

    1. Introduction to situational judgment tests

    2. Tips for passing situational judgment tests

    3. EXAMPLE Q&A: Situational judgment test

    4. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Situational judgment test

    5. Preparing for situational judgment tests

    1. Introduction to logical/abstract reasoning tests

    2. How to approach logical/abstract reasoning tests

    3. EXAMPLE Q&A: Logical reasoning test

    4. PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Logical/abstract reasoning test

    5. Preparing for logical reasoning tests

    1. Introduction to email simulation exercises

    2. Written and in-tray exercises: advice from successful candidates

Tackling psychometric tests

  • 41 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


City Career Series Founder & Ex-Freshfields Lawyer Jake Schogger

Jake Schogger is a qualified lawyer, career coach, entrepreneur, author, copywriter and consultant. He is the founder and CEO of City Career Series, a publishing company that has sold ~50,000 handbooks designed to help students secure City careers, including the critically acclaimed Commercial Law Handbook. He trained at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP and now acts as a legal adviser to start-ups and scale-ups, whilst also working as a career coach and delivering career-related presentations at universities across the UK. In addition, Jake works with tech start-ups and runs a variety of his own businesses, including a creative/commercial consultancy (Fresh Perspective) and a luxury cake business (Whisk & Drizzle). For more information, visit: and or search for “City Career Series” on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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Feedback on the psychometric test content

"So insightful and the examples were extremely helpful."


Feedback on the psychometric test content



Feedback on the psychometric test content