Commercial law is one of the most competitive fields for graduates to get into. There are only ~7,000 training contracts offered by City law firms each year, meaning just 1%-2% of training contract applications are successful. 

Students therefore need to do all they can to get the competitive edge. Having great academics just isn’t enough. For a small minority, personal connections support their efforts to gain knowledge and experience. However, the majority need support and expert guidance to give them the best chance to succeed. 

And this support and guidance isn't easy to access...

  • Unreliable advice

    It can be hard to know who to trust. Free advice varies wildly in quality, often consisting of generic, surface-level guidance, or insights from authors who lack the necessary experience and expertise.

  • Inaccessible insights

    If you lack legal industry connections, it can be difficult to access essential career and law firm insights, key industry knowledge, and an understanding of what firms are truly looking for. Law firm websites give little away.

  • Lack of independence

    Many insights and resources out there are created by people or organisations who lack the freedom to provide honest, objective and holistic insights into their professional experiences, especially when it comes to discussing their roles and firms.

  • Financial commitment

    Other resources can be incredibly expensive - be that coaching programmes, workshops, e-learning, or one-on-one application and interview guidance - meaning this option is often out of reach for most.

  • Time commitment

    Each application requires a significant time investment, in part because of the time it takes to research, collate and verify the advice and insights needed to stand out on application forms and in interviews

We democratise access to the legal profession, bringing together the expert advice and insider insights needed to empower you to put your best foot forward as an aspiring lawyer.

  • Expert advice

    We cut through the noise. Our courses are created by qualified lawyers, industry leaders, recruiters and coaches, ensuring they're accurate, practical, specific, and uniquely comprehensive. It's our greatest USP.

  • Accessible and inclusive

    Our pricing model and network of specialist contributors levels the playing field, offering affordable high quality guidance and insights on demand for all, regardless of background, budget or connections.

  • Independent insights

    Our insights into the legal industry, legal careers and law firms are all produced by writers with no professional obligation to toe the line. Expect only open, honest, objective and holistic reflections.

  • Saves you time

    We've put the time in so that you don't have to. Access thousands of hours of research, learning and creation, meticulously condensed and beautifully presented within a coherent centralised space.

  • Engaging content

    We strive to make understanding the legal sector enjoyable, using visually engaging animations, quizzes and more to create an interactive learning environment that aids memory and inspires confidence.

With a decade-long track record of success, our tried and tested teaching techniques have helped over 10,000 graduates to navigate the application process, ace interviews, and get closer to their dream legal careers.

Our platform, at a glance

Our courses have been crafted and curated by ex-Magic Circle lawyer and best-selling author Jake Schogger, based on his experiences working as a lawyer and coaching, mentoring and training thousands of aspiring lawyers.

He’s teamed up with senior City lawyers and ex-partners, leading City trainers, and an ex-Magic Circle graduate recruiter to offer the expert insights and guidance you need to secure a training contract.

  • 22 expert-led courses, 350+ video lessons, interactive quizzes, practical tips, insider insights, and exclusive guidance.

  • 90+ firm profiles with USPs for Magic Circle, Silver Circle, US, regional and Scottish firms, plus in-house teams.

  • 120+ comprehensive assessment centre insights for City firms, with advice from successful candidates.

  • 150+ verified successful applications, plus feedback on why examples are strong and what could be improved.

  • 14 example commercial and legal interview case studies based on real law firm interviews, with model answers and guidance.

  • Monthly sessions where Jake reviews applications, plus a forum where he answers questions.

  • Certificate of completion for every course.


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