Course curriculum

    1. Proofreading techniques

    2. Proofreading checklist

    3. Proofreading exercise: correcting typos

    4. Proofreading exercise: spelling and grammar

    1. Apostrophes and full stops

    2. Commas

    1. Decluttering your writing

    1. Presenting information on a page

    2. House style

    1. Business emails

    2. Letters, reports and pitches

    3. Legal documents

    1. Final thoughts

    2. Further reading

Writing professionally

  • 14 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Business writing expert John Trimbos

John Trimbos is a solicitor and training consultant who specialises in communication skills. He has a background in both the public and private sectors, and provides training and one-to-one coaching for a variety of organisations (including teaching business writing to LPC students at BPP University). John Trimbos provides training courses and one-to-one coaching for a variety of individuals and commercial organisations. For more information, check out

Commercial Law Academy Founder & Ex-Freshfields Lawyer Jake Schogger

Jake Schogger is a qualified lawyer, career coach, entrepreneur, author, copywriter and consultant. He is the founder and CEO of City Career Series, a publishing company that has sold ~50,000 handbooks designed to help students secure City careers, including the critically acclaimed Commercial Law Handbook and Training Contract Handbook. He also founded Commercial Law Academy. He trained at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP and now acts as a legal adviser to start-ups and scale-ups, whilst also working as a career coach and delivering career-related presentations at universities across the UK. In addition, Jake works with tech start-ups and runs a variety of his own businesses. Connect with Jake on LinkedIn via


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Huma Shafi

Feedback on the Writing Professionally course

“Absolutely essential writing course! Condensed content with practical tips on its daily application.”


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